The Unspoken.

Most of the time when you hear the six letter word, CANCER, you think that the person is dying and that they are going to have to fight to stay alive. That fight entailing chemotherapy appointments, radiation, surgery, being really sick, losing weight, looking ill, and being tired. All of which are 100% accurate. ButContinue reading “The Unspoken.”

All the Newness.

My JP drain tubes (from the mastectomy) were in 43 days before they came out. If you didn’t see it you should check out my Instagram page, @mbtalkspink. I had posted a REEL the day I was told they’d be coming out. I was SO happy!! I was finally going to get back to normalcyContinue reading “All the Newness.”

19 days and counting…

Yep, 19 days and counting. I have had my JP drain tubes in for 19 days. Two drains are on my left side and one on my right. They were placed there before I came out of surgery to drain the fluid as I heal from the mastectomy and let me tell you they areContinue reading “19 days and counting…”

Surgery and all that stuff.

As if just having cancer isn’t enough, there are chemo treatments, surgery, radiation and more drugs. Each cancer patient’s treatment plan is different. Sometimes you do chemo before surgery but sometimes after. You may just do radiation and have a less invasive surgery. You may never have to do surgery. It all depends on yourContinue reading “Surgery and all that stuff.”

Those along the way.

I was just in my tenth week of treatment regimen #1 when I met a lady that I still think of and praying for, weekly. I don’t really remember how our conversation began at the cancer center that day but I am thankful it did. I don’t recall her name but we did learn aContinue reading “Those along the way.”