19 days and counting…

Yep, 19 days and counting. I have had my JP drain tubes in for 19 days. Two drains are on my left side and one on my right. They were placed there before I came out of surgery to drain the fluid as I heal from the mastectomy and let me tell you they areContinue reading “19 days and counting…”

Let’s get this cancer out!

The week prior to having a major surgery involves cleaning the house from top to bottom, running errands, getting the fridge stocked full for my family because for me, I want my family to have nothing to worry about while I’m under the weather. I want to make sure all is in tip top shapeContinue reading “Let’s get this cancer out!”

It is your life. Now live it.

You have cancer. Breast C-A-N-C-E-R. Words you never thought YOU would hear. It is something that YOU only hear of other people having. This time though, it was me. I have cancer. I don’t care to give cancer, nor the type of cancer I have, capital letters like you may sometimes see – Breast CancerContinue reading “It is your life. Now live it.”