The Unspoken.

Most of the time when you hear the six letter word, CANCER, you think that the person is dying and that they are going to have to fight to stay alive. That fight entailing chemotherapy appointments, radiation, surgery, being really sick, losing weight, looking ill, and being tired. All of which are 100% accurate. ButContinue reading “The Unspoken.”

All the Newness.

My JP drain tubes (from the mastectomy) were in 43 days before they came out. If you didn’t see it you should check out my Instagram page, @mbtalkspink. I had posted a REEL the day I was told they’d be coming out. I was SO happy!! I was finally going to get back to normalcyContinue reading “All the Newness.”

Puzzle Pieces

With my diagnosis my Oncologist had recommended I have a genetics test completed to determine if I had the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation. Given my age and not having any family history of breast cancer she wanted to look deeper. For those of you that aren’t familiar with what those are let me tellContinue reading “Puzzle Pieces”

All the appointments.

Like I said previously, there are so many appointments that are made and so much information to take in from each one of them. A lot of times the doctors speak in medical terms and then you have to go home and do your own research on what those terms mean in average day talkingContinue reading “All the appointments.”

Letting it sink in.

The moment the Radiologist told me I had cancer I noticed things I normally wouldn’t have. Simply because of the busy schedule we live. The race against the clock. The time you spend just trying to get to the next thing or next place. Chasing kids. Doing laundry. But after that call things were moreContinue reading “Letting it sink in.”